Advertising with Google Ads or Facebook Ads can be a great way of getting your message to potential customers and to build your brand. But you can also end up burning lots of money with no effect if you are not doing it right.

A recent example is Metfone's campaign to promote its Intelligent Connect 2019 exhibition. If you are into technology and living in Cambodia, there's a good chance you saw ads like this over the weekend:

Test and monitor

Unfortunately, nobody seems to have tried clicking on the ad before putting it live. Otherwise, they would have noticed that the URL the ad links to shows an unrelated page that most visitors won't even see unless choosing to ignore a warning about the SSL certificate that was issued for a different domain.

Besides testing your ad, it's also a good idea to link your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts in order to monitor how your ad impressions convert into sales or subscriptions. By doing so, you can see early on if an ad is giving you the results you expected, and can take it down for an overhaul otherwise.

Speed matters

Once your potential customers or subscribers get to your landing page, site loading speed is crucial to achieving high conversion rates. We already wrote about this in our previous article. But you don't have to take it from us...Google is saying the same for your website as well as for the Mobile Speed Score for ads landing pages.

Running your site through services like Google PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix is a great starting point to check and improve your pages' performance.

Let's go back to the Metfone event page. While it's loading reasonably fast on a desktop with a fast internet connection, visitors will have to be patient when viewing it on a mobile device. To a large part, this is because of non-optimized pictures that result in a total page size of 4.2 MB. Using optimized, responsive images can go a long way to bring down that number. Lazy loading is another technique that can help to load the page faster by only loading images and other content when the user scrolls them into view.

We're here to help

Geekho (Cambodia) is a conversion and web performance agency located in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

With the WordPress Performance and Security Package, Geekho is offering a comprehensive optimization service for SMEs to improve conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

So if you are preparing your next campaign and want to make sure that you spend your advertisement budget effectively, or want to optimize your website for more conversions, just contact us to find out how we can help you.